• CPanel Integration!

    Hello everyone!Amazing news! If you haven't noticed already, we purchased and integrated CPanel into the system a few weeks back. Migrations etc have been running since then, so I haven't said anything until now, but all current and future web and email hosting packages are now hosted on the cpanel platform. CPanel is The web hosting industry's ...

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  • Support System Integration

    Hey everyone,The support system at support.lumagaizen.com has now been migrated, and is implemented into the billing panel. So support.lumagaizen.com no longer exists, and all of the information and tickets have been merged with this system. Unfortunately, if you didn't have a user with this current billing panel before the migration, your ...

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  • New Announcements and Support Area

    Hi everyone,

    Our new support desk and announcements section will be listed over at http://support.lumagaizen.com

    Tickets and announcements will no longer be found here.

    Thanks and hope you all like the new system :)


    Jake McIlravey

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  • Credit Cards

    Hey everyone! We now take credit cards/ debit Visas in forms of payment! The Payment gateway has been added and is completely set up. New orders and current orders should be able to swap over to the new payment gateway. All payments are handled by Stripe, which means NO card data is stored in our servers, and can only be saved to Stripes ...

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