CPanel Integration!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hello everyone!

Amazing news! 

If you haven't noticed already, we purchased and integrated CPanel into the system a few weeks back. Migrations etc have been running since then, so I haven't said anything until now, but all current and future web and email hosting packages are now hosted on the cpanel platform. 

CPanel is The web hosting industry's most reliable, intuitive control panel since 1997, offering a wide feature set for everyone using it. Offers website creation, one click installs, email list and account creation, top of the line webmail. Single sign on, more security features, database creation and management, file explorer (in the browser!) integration between the systems (you can manage your site from the billing panel, and pay bills and get support from CPanel!) FTP manager (something we didn't even have before) amazing statistics for everything you can think of. Site publisher and creator, DNS (another feature we didn't have before) sub users to manage the account, email forwarders, auto responders, email filters, email spam protection, email archiving and backup, calendars and contacts(!) cron job manager, custom error pages, and even more. But most of all, it's the top of the line in website security, comes with 2 factor authentication, and password strength security. 

I am so happy to introduce this system to my lovely website and email hosting customers, and I look forward to the future of you (and me) using this system. And don't worry, yes this system does cost me money, and a decent chunk, but prices will be staying the same, but feel free to share our services with your friends who have the same needs, we'd be happy to help!

Happy Mother's Day, and Cheers!

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