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 HepBot Commands

UPDATED OCTOBER 1ST, 2018! - ALL NEW COMMANDS HAVE BEEN ADDED! SORRY FOR THE DELAY! I will be keeping this document updated every time I add new features. It was outdated as I added a lot of features in one go rather than doing it over...

 How To Connect To Jake's WoW Realm

How To Connect To Jake's WoW Realm:    (Updated 01-04-2018) SERVER IS BACK UP!!!   Recently, I decided to fix some of the bugs that where apparent on a very general repack of a WoW server that me and some friends tried out quite a long...

 WarHep Commands

WarHep Commands: General Commands: WarHep's alias is either / or @WarHep  If you want WarHep to track all alerts, use /track alerts items There are many different tracking options available, and they are all available from /track...